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Welcome to Hixson Drug, the choice destination for community pharmacy services. Since pharmacy services are in high demand across the whole nation, it’s important that you are making the right decision when selecting your provider of medications and prescription refills. At Hixson Drug, our friendly, approachable staff is highly motivated and is completely dedicated towards providing you with the correct medication in a timely manner.

We are sincere in our devotion towards the overall health of our customers and we extend our hands by offering competitive pricing and superior community pharmacy services, especially when compared to the large corporate chain pharmacies. Our services are available to individuals, families, and we also serve as a nursing home or long-term care pharmacy. Regardless of who you are or what you are in need of, we want to help you get the care you deserve. 

Medications Available From Our Online Pharmacy

Customer care and concern is something we value to the highest standard. At Hixson Drug, we don’t view you as just another prescription to fill. At our community pharmacy, you are our neighbor and friend and we are committed to providing quality pharmacy services. To better serve and adapt to our customer requests, we offer the convenience of online prescriptions and medications as well. Whether it’s because of a schedule confliction or if a customer has trouble moving around, we want to extend our community to those who can’t easily reach us in person. At Hixson Drug, we make that extra effort for our community. We simply aren’t satisfied by refilling your prescriptions, we strive to ensure that you are happy and healthy — at your convenience.

To maintain the atmosphere of our community pharmacy, Hixson Drug is still locally owned, operated, and proudly serving Ozark and the surrounding communities. Come see us and experience why, for nearly a century, Hixson Drug has stayed at the forefront of service and technology as Ozark’s professional pharmacy without sacrificing customer care.

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